Entry #5

Open for Commissions

2014-02-16 15:55:05 by AZSniperFox

I've recently decided to open up commissions on sMartin Creations. Feel free to swing by the site and check it out. For your convenience, I've listed my basic commission prices below. 

Type (Price)

Bust ($7.00)

Sketch ($10.00)

Line Art ($15.00)

Full Color ($25.00)

Full Color w\ Background ($35.00)

Feature (Price)

Add Character (+$7.00/character)

Add Background (+$10.00)

Add Black & White Shading (+$5.00)

Add Color (+$10.00)

Upgrade to Line Art Bust (+$5.00)

Upgrade to Color Bust (+$10.00)

Disclaimer: The Artist reserves the right to refuse any and all commissions with or without reason. Quoted pricing includes up to three (3) revisions and further charges may occur on subsequent revisions. In the event that a commission must be redone, further charges may apply. All prices are estimates and a final quote will be e-mailed to you and must be approved before starting work. Once a commission is finished, the full sized image will be held until full payment is received. Multiple delivery options are available to the consumer upon request and at cost of printing and shipping if applicable. Upon receipt of full payment, a digital copy of the full sized commission will be e-mailed to the address provided. A down payment is required by the Artist before starting work on a commission. The Artist retains all legal rights to the artwork and may use it as the Artist sees fit. All terms and prices are subject to change at the Artist's discretion.

Feel free to fill out my commission form here.


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