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umm... ok.

I honestly didn't care for the art but the animation itself wasn't bad. Yet it was too short and too small for it to redeem itself.

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That was truly different

I must admit that in the beginning I was expecting something similar to portal yet only text based. You know... then there will be cake. But sitting through this I must say I leave it with a smile on my face. I didn't feel that I was bashed at the first moment I clicked begin nor do I feel that I'm some crack genius and I'm surrounded by total N00Bs. I'd like to play it again sometime to see if anything changed.

To answer the potential question my score was a 70.

NOTE: No other reviews were read prior to submitting my own review.

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I rolled a 4 vs. a sanity score of 75

Absolutely awesome! You have captured his sanity shatering persona well. Now you will be the first on his list of souls he must devour for the sake of the end of all mankind.

Overall I really like the background and the feel of it but the foreground could use more work. Remember Cthulhu is under the ocean. So the water is a bit more murky. Maybe adding more of a blue to the foreground so it all looks submerged.

Kinsei responds:

The foreground is really lacking, I do admit. As for the murkiness I was thought about it, but I was concerned that it would interfere with the outlook of the rest of the picture

Almost there...

Pretty nice, dude. Yet I'm still seeing one major issue. Your light source and reflection don't match. Same with your shadows. Revise those two things to get everything to flow right and I'd think it'd be awesome.

Kinsei responds:

I should probably stretch the shadow out to the left some more. I'll give it a shot, lets just hope I don't screw up the shadow when I do But then again. CTRL+Z is the best command ever made.

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